End of an era: Tanglewood Mall marquee comes down

Mall owner working to convert mall into mixed-use facility

ROANOKE, Va. – “I really felt sad,” Vicky Nelson said about the Tanglewood Mall marquee coming down.

“I’m glad. I’m glad," said Laurie File.

As people walked in and out of the Tanglewood Mall on Tuesday, they couldn’t help but notice the crane rising above the mall’s giant marquee.

Caution tape surrounded the historic sign as a crew rose to climb inside and remove its light bulbs.

For Nelson, taking away the sign won’t take away her memories.

“I began shopping here at Tanglewood Mall for many, many decades. I began shopping at the French Quarter for my Miss Virginia gown, so it’s very sad to see the sign come down," said Nelson.

It's a sign of better things to come, she hopes.

“I do hope that it will be renovated and we can come here for shopping for many years to come," Nelson said.