‘It’s very concerning’: Roanoke City Schools taking steps to prepare for coronavirus

Other school districts, localities preparing as well

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke City Schools Superintendent Dr. Rita Bishop said “It’s very concerning" when discussing the coronavirus.

Bishop and her team were already taking steps Wednesday to prevent coronavirus from spreading across the school district should any cases hit in Roanoke City.

“We’re keeping everything clean. We have authorized overtime if necessary for our building managers and custodians to do a double sweep of cleanliness,” said Bishop.

Part of the effort includes a letter sent to families Monday with the district’s plan and how families can be proactive.

“Follow the health precautions. Be vigilant. Know you’re going to hear from us if anything changes," Bishop emphasized.

Franklin, Henry and Roanoke County Schools all have mailed out similar letters.

Bishop said her district will take what she calls a common-sense approach in the event of a coronavirus case locally.

If schools have to close, Roanoke City is prepared to have classes online and make sure kids still get fed.

“We would probably use bus stops. Not necessarily buses, but bus stops to deliver box lunches. The student would receive a lunch and tomorrow morning’s breakfast," Bishop explained.

School districts aren't alone in preparing for the virus.

A news release Tuesday from the city of Danville said fire and rescue personnel are being provided with instructions on how to respond to a call involving someone showing symptoms of respiratory illness.

It’s an important step, even though the risk of contracting the virus remains low.

Read the full letter sent out to Henry County families below: