Hearts at home, finding a way to show people we’re still together

Chalk, construction paper and more unique displays are cheering people up

Paper hearts scavenger hunt
Paper hearts scavenger hunt

ROANOKE, Va. – You maybe seeing hearts in people’s windows. There’s a movement to put up paper hearts at home so people walking can see them and it can turn into a scavenger hunt for families.

The idea is spreading across the country and Roanoke Valley families are now joining in.

They hope it gives people another sense of purpose for daily walks and shows that we are still together. This is something everyone can do that still practices the CDC recommendation of social distancing.

Construction paper hearts.

A construction paper heart on a door. (Facebook / Kelly Bowen)

And hearts drawn in chalk on the wall.

"In this together" is one family's take on hearts at home (Facebook / Daphne Sargent)

This one is a rainbow heart.

A rainbow heart in one window (Facebook / Katrina Hill)

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