Local health district concerned about ‘limited’ testing capabilities

ROANOKE, Va. – The Virginia Department of Health is raising concerns about its testing capabilities in our area.

During a conference call on Tuesday morning, Director of Communicable Disease Control for the Roanoke city and Alleghany Health Districts Dr. Molly O’Dell talked about the efforts to track and contain the coronavirus.

O’Dell said the health department has the most limited testing and very strict criteria for testing someone.

Furthermore, she said it’s now taking even longer to get results.

"What we want, of course, is what's being made available and that's point of care testing where you can actually get the results in like 10 minutes, so that's what we're really anxious to have," O’Dell said.

O’Dell believes state leaders took the right actions at the right time to prevent a big wave from hitting southwest Virginia.

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