Centra reports its first coronavirus patient, he’s in critical condition

Patient is a man in his early 60s being treated at Lynchburg General Hospital

Centra in Lynchburg on coronavirus
Centra in Lynchburg on coronavirus

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Centra announced Friday that it’s treating its first patient with a confirmed case of the coronavirus.

The patient, who is in critical condition at Lynchburg General Hospital, is a man in his early 60s.

The heath care provider said that it has been actively preparing for patients with COVID-19 and has been working closely with the local health department and the Centers for Disease Control.

This case has been reported to the Virginia Department of Health and an investigation is underway.

In addition to this patient, two others in and around the Centra service area have tested positive over the last 24 hours at a Centra facility.

Neither of these patients have required care at any Centra facility and are currently under quarantine at home.

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