Roanoke City school bus driver personally delivers meals to kids

‘We did it because, I mean, we love Roanoke City kids’

ROANOKE, Va. – A bus driver in Roanoke wanted to make sure the kids on her route didn’t go hungry because of the coronavirus.

That bus driver, Shannon O’Toole, along with some other city bus drivers, picked up more than 320 meals for breakfast and lunch to deliver to families on Tuesday and Thursday last week, using their own personal cars and on their own time.

Last week, Roanoke City Schools didn’t offer meal delivery, so families had to pick the meals up at the designated schools.

However, O’Toole said that a lot of families don’t have transportation and a lot of kids go hungry, so she knew they had to help.

“We did it because, I mean, we love Roanoke City kids. That’s, you know, that’s our job," said O’Toole."But we don’t just do our job to get paid, we do our job because we love our kids.”

O’Toole said the schools will starting delivering meals again on Wednesday, April 8, and will deliver meals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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