'We’re excited to get people back’: SafeSide Lynchburg reopens its gun range

Lynchburg judge ordered temporary injunction against Gov. Ralph Northam’s executive order

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Safeside Lynchburg’s indoor gun range is open again after nearly six weeks.

On Monday, a Lynchburg judge ordered a temporary injunction against Gov. Ralph Northam’s executive order to close nonessential businesses, including indoor ranges. The group filed a lawsuit in state court and pleaded their case last week.

To keep customers and staff safe, people will see Plexiglas shields up at every counter and tape on the ground to keep people 6 feet apart.

This all comes after a Lynchburg judge agreed Northam’s order violated the second amendment by closing indoor gun ranges.

SafeSide’s indoor range was only allowed to reopen Wednesday under the conditions it would practice social distancing and disinfect the store.

On Wednesday, co-owner Mitchell Tyler divided the building to keep indoor range customers separate from people who are shopping in the store.

To help eliminate same surface touching SafeSide has also suspended the rental program for guns, ear and eye protection, so people have to bring their own equipment.

Door handles and shooting bays are disinfected every hour after every customer.