10 residents dead at South Roanoke Nursing Home after testing positive for COVID-19

Seven residents confirmed dead over the weekend

ROANOKE, Va. – The death toll at the South Roanoke Nursing Home, where dozens of residents have tested positive for COVID-19, continues to grow.

Late Monday afternoon, the nursing home announced three more residents had died since the announcement over the weekend that seven residents had died.

In a statement Monday, the nursing home did not specify if COVID-19 was the cause of death for any or all of the residents or if the residents died from some other cause.

As 10 News has reported, 33 residents and 28 staff members at the nursing home have tested positive for the coronavirus.

All but one of the residents are asymptomatic, according to the nursing home.

In April, the nursing home announced three staff members and a resident tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the nursing home to work with the Virginia Department of Health test all residents and staff members.

After 10 News reported the first seven deaths over the weekend, two people claiming to have family members of residents reached out to 10 News to express concerns.

They’re concerned about minimal staffing, improper use of PPE and family members of residents not being contacted every day.

Both declined to be interviewed.

On Monday, 10 News sent their concerns to the nursing home’s spokesperson, asking how many people are currently working at the nursing home, if that is a reduction for the normal number of staff, and if so, if any further reductions are possible.

Also, 10 News asked specifically what PPE is being used, how, specifically, it is being used and if family members of residents are being contacted every day.

While the statement released Monday afternoon does not directly address these concerns, it does say “We continue to work closely with the Roanoke Alleghany Health District to ensure we have all of the proper protocols and staffing in place to manage this evolving situation.”

The statement goes on to say staff at the nursing home wish to thank the community “for the tremendous outpouring of support during this difficult period.”