Danville city council members could decide on casino bid soon

City sent out RFP in December

DANVILLE, Va. – We could know soon who will build a casino in Danville if a referendum passes in November.

Danville City Manager Ken Larking said Thursday that city council members will likely decide on a company in the next few weeks.

“That’s something they’ve been working on for a long time,” said Larking. “The state has put out some guidance, letting us know (the Virginia Lottery) wants to know what the city’s preferred provider would be.”

Seven companies submitted bids.

Danville is one of four cities the governor is allowing to have a referendum in November.

Studies suggest a casino could bring millions of people and hundreds of millions of dollars a year to Danville and create thousands of jobs.

“We’re not taking a stand one way or the other as far as voters are concerned, which way they should vote. But the city Council will likely vote to have a resolution to have it put on the ballot in November. We are getting guidance right now from the state and our city attorney to help us decide when that should happen," Larking said.

Where a casino would be built had not been decided as of Thursday.

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