‘Nothing changes the position of mother’: Church celebrates Mother’s Day while keeping their distance

ROANOKE, Va. – Pastor Floyd Davis’ church is technically named God’s House Baptist Church, but on Mother’s Day, it became “Mom’s House.”

“No one will love unconditionally like your mother," Davis said during his sermon.

The church became a space to celebrate motherhood as many other traditions changed in the face of COVID-19. Restuarants remain take-out only, and most entertainment places are still closed for social distancing.

Connie Lamar, who also celebrated her birthday on Mother’s Day Weekend, said it was a joy to experience this service with her son, Ted.

“It really makes me feel so good," Connie Lamar said. "My son and I have been really close.”

Davis had to change his church’s traditions as well, as God’s House has switched to a drive-in church due to social distancing. He said his goal was to help his congregation realize just how important mothers are.

“We want to make mother know that in spite of whatever goes on, even in the middle of a pandemic, nothing changes the position of mother," Davis said. “The world can’t take that away from us. No matter what happens, mother is mother.”

Once the service ended, ushers handed out cards to every mother in attendance.