'It’s very nice to see the human spirit’: Sovah Health employees treated to lunch from Checkered Pig

Food for Frontline buys award winning BBQ from a Southside staple for Sovah Health

DANVILLE, Va. – Food for Frontline donations bought award-winning BBQ from a southside staple for employees at Sovah Health.

On Wednesday, hospital employees were treated to lunch from the Checkered Pig BBQ.

10 News was there as they loaded up pulled pork for about 60 frontline workers.

The hospital CEO said he wanted to thank WSLS viewers for the donation.

“We thank all our viewers because we know this is coming from the community. The community has been so supportive and so thankful, it's been very helpful, thank you,” said Alan Larson, Sovah Health CEO.

“It’s very nice to see the human spirit. We have customers come through the drive-thru also they’ll buy the food for the people behind them. That’s just really a great experience to see everybody kind of pulling together during this time,” said Leonard Phelps, Checkered Pig Assistant General Manager.

Since the start of the initiative, 10 News viewers have donated more than $30,000 to feed more than 1,500 essential workers.

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