Food for Frontline makes a stop at Wythe County Community Hospital

Friday, 180 lunches were dropped off from a special local business

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – Food for Frontline has now delivered more than 2,000 meals to essential workers across our area, from Raphine to Danville.

On Friday, 10 News was there as 180 lunches were dropped off at the Wythe County Community Hospital from a special local business.

Hospital employees lined up with carts, ready for one of Food for Frontline’s largest orders.

The owners of Flourz, a local deli, popped open the trunk and started unloading the sandwiches and wraps for every person working at the hospital.

Flourz owners, Dewey Newhouse and Jennifer Miller, along with their team, started working at 5 a.m. Friday morning to prepare the large order.

“Everybody's just really pulled together to make this be successful, because we do appreciate what they do for us,” said Miller.

Miller knows firsthand just how deserving the hospital employees are of a lunch to say thank for their hard work.

She herself retired from Wythe County Community Hospital, trading in her scrubs for a ‘Support local business’ t-shirt.

“It was time to try something new. I had done nursing for quite a while. Now I can do something to give back to actually serve the nurses and doctors and folks that I've worked with. I've always just wanted to serve people and this is one other avenue I can do that,” Miller said.

The hospital staff said it was nice to have one of their own helping feed them.

“We’re a really close knit family of people here. With only the number of employees that we have. It’s the good thing about working in a small hospital is you get to know everyone, so yeah, we’re a really tight knit group,” said John White, hospital CFO.

The owners of Flourz said they just opened in February and were worried about surviving.

They said the community has been faithful to place take-out orders, helping keep their doors open.

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