Go the distance: Virtual interstate challenge benefits local food banks

You have 70+ days left to run the same length of I-81 in Virginia for a good cause

ROANOKE, Va. – Blue Ridge Racing is challenging you to run 325 miles within the next few months to help fill local food banks. It’s part of the new virtual interstate challenge.

The number of miles holds significance — it’s the length of I-81 in Virginia.

The challenge lasts a total of 81 days, but if you start today you need to play catch up. The challenge started June 1 and ends Aug. 20.

“It’s about having a goal and having something to look forward to and training but it’s also about raising some money for the food banks that are along I-81 corridor,” said the co-owner of Blue Ridge Racing, Molly Bullington.

A portion of registration proceeds and separate donations will go to Feeding Southwest Virginia and Blue Ridge Area Food Banks to disperse to smaller organizations.

This challenge has already raised more than $2,800 in donations. To donate, click here.

You can run, jog or walk to complete this challenge. Blue Ridge Racing told 10 News there are participants from across the country, Canada and the UK.

Bullington said 325 miles can be intimidating, but it isn’t impossible. “It does sound like a lot. It sounds overwhelming but if you join as a four person relay team then it’s only one mile a day for all four people and that’s very manageable.”

To register for the challenge, click here.

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