Congressman Morgan Griffith calling for balanced, local approach to school reopening

Griffith introduced a resolution to Congress


WASHINGTON DC, – A Virginia Congressman is trying to make sure school districts get to decide when and how to reopen this fall.

Morgan Griffith, who represents Virginia’s 9th Congressional District, has introduced a resolution to Congress encouraging governors to let school districts decide what they think is best.

When the resolution was introduced Friday, Griffith said he was concerned Governor Northam’s initial guidelines for reopening schools would prevent many rural school districts from being able to reopen.

He says the governor has since changed his position, but Griffith still believes Congress needs to send a message.

“We know you’ve got to be careful, but we think you ought to be able to do what’s right in your community,” Griffith said of school districts. “One-size-fits-all from Washington, Richmond or any capital in the country needs to be looked at a little bit differently.”

As of Monday, the resolution had not passed. Griffith is working to get co-sponsors.