Paralyzed puppy left near dumpster gets treatment at Angels of Assisi

Four-month-old Gio may be able to walk again after treatment

ROANOKE, Va – Officials in Roanoke City are looking for answers about a paralyzed puppy abandoned next to a dumpster. A cage was also found in the dumpster next to the four-month-old puppy.

After being left at a dumpster in Roanoke on Wednesday, this paralyzed puppy has been getting around-the-clock care from the staff at Angels of Assisi.

“We get to see the worst of people and what they do to defenseless animals,” said Angels of Assisi executive director Lisa O’Neill.

Animal Control responded to the dumpster behind the Armed Forces Career Center on Peters Creek Road. When an animal needs extensive help after being put in a bad situation, staff at the non-profit are always quick to step in.

“We do see a lot of animals that have been abused or neglected, animals from hoarding cases, and when they come in it is very heartbreaking,” O’Neill said.

The staff at Angels of Assisi are naming him Gio. While he may sometimes struggle with getting around, he certainly does not struggle with human interaction.

“We expect his medical care may be extensive if he is able to regain the use of his back legs, we’re really hopeful that will happen with the medications and IV fluids and treatments if he does not regain use of his back legs then his medical care for the rest of his life will be more extensive,” O’Neill said.

Vets say Gio does have some use in one of his back legs which is a good sign.

After a few more days on getting medication and treatments, doctors will reassess whether his spine may have permanent damage. If it is permanent, the nonprofit is here to help.

“If he does end up being paralyzed there’s an awful lot we can do for him as far as wheelchair measurement, as far as skin care, diet,” O’Neill said.

In a couple of weeks if he has not been spoken for, Gio will be up for adoption. For now, Angels of Assisi is accepting donations to help with his treatment, hoping to help give this bright-eyed, friendly pup a fresh start.

“On the flip side we get to see all the people that come out to help rectify that situation. It’s really what it’s all about,” O’Neill said.

In an effort to find more dogs new homes, Angels of Assisi is also starting a new training program to better socialize animals rescued from bad situations.

The nonprofit often takes in animals who have been isolated for long periods of time or hoarding situations making socialization difficult for them. The executive director hopes the program will help them find new homes quickly and become more comfortable with human interaction.

You can find more information on how to donate or get involved with Angels of Assisi here.

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