Sabrina’s Place continues to help those struggling with domestic violence in the Roanoke Valley

Nonprofit has seen reduced federal funding over the last few years

ROANOKE, Va – A rise in domestic violence in the Star City means one nonprofit is working around the clock to provide survivors with a safe place to access resources.

It’s the only supervised visitation center in the area. Sabrina’s Place is a program ran by Total Action for Progress out of Roanoke. It is a safe haven for families struggling with domestic issues to spend time together.

“We exist so that there will be no more instances of harm or violence or abuse but yet the children don’t get caught in the middle, they still get to have safe environment with their parents,” said Stacey Sheppard, TAP Director of Housing and Human Services.

The pandemic has brought its own set of challenges, and the need for services continue to rise despite cuts in federal funding throughout the years.

“They started reducing federal funding for programs like ours around four years ago, and so it’s really been the community stepping up to help out,” Sheppard said.

Staff are constantly adapting and have even been able to provide some services virtually. While the pandemic may have exposed more domestic violence cases, Stacey Sheppard said at least now they can help.

“If any good thing has come out of COVID it’s the fact that people want to escape, they want to seek services, the bad part is trying to meet the need and keep up with the need,” Sheppard said.

If you or someone you know may need the services Sabrina’s Place offers, you can visit its website here.

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