Serving a hot Thanksgiving meal to the homeless in downtown Roanoke

Roanoke, Va. – Dozens of chairs and tables were set at Elmwood Park to host a one of a kind feast for the unsheltered community.

For the first time, Least of These Ministry helped host a Thanksgiving feast with Samaritan Inn to feed the homeless.

Dozens of volunteers prepared enough food and drinks to serve to 200 people in downtown Roanoke.

The Least of These Ministry Founder Dawn Sandoval said she wants the homeless to know despite the difficult times they face, there is a team that is on their side.

“With people that want to love on them and may not be in the same circumstance,” Sandoval said. “So it’s just our thankfulness and being a blessing to your fellow man.”

Sandoval said hopefully next year the pandemic will be gone and they can push the tables all together.

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