Radford University student recognized internationally for music, research

Octavio Deluchi came to the United States to expand his horizons

RADFORD, Va – A Radford University student who has dedicated his life to music is now getting international recognition for his work.

Octavio Deluchi is at his best when he is performing on stage.

“I used to live in a region that is really...I wouldn’t say famous but it’s well known to be like, culturally rich,” Radford music student Octavio Deluchi said.

Deluchi came to the United States from Brazil to study music at Radford University in hopes of expanding his horizons.

“I applied to Radford because I think here was one of the best places I knew to go and now here I am, and I’m going to graduate here... for my master’s degree next spring,” Deluchi said.

His professors say his creativity and passion for music has rubbed off on his classmates.

“He’s done research on Brazilian music, and he’s actually getting published as a graduate student with a major publisher of arrangements he’s made of music that even a lot of Brazilians don’t know about. It’s just groundbreaking work,” Radford University professor Robert Trent said.

Deluchi recently came in first place in an internationally-recognized competition featuring artists from all over the world.

“Here we have a huge infrastructure and a huge support, so without that, I definitely wouldn’t be able to get these accomplishments as well as others,” Deluchi said.

Deluchi and his professors agree that throughout history and especially during a time like this, music can bring people together.

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