Keep your Christmas lights up through January

Keep lights up for healthcare heroes

Willie Johnson took this photo of the Christmas lights on Girvin Road. See them before they're gone! (Photo from Storm Pins)

With the nice weather this weekend you may be thinking of taking your Christmas lights down but one big healthcare system wants you to keep them up.

The parent company of LewisGale Medical Center in Salem and other LewisGale hospitals, HCA, is calling on everyone to keep lights up for healthcare heroes through January.

“Our healthcare workers have been on the frontlines for nine months now. It’s been a hard struggle, it’s been a long pandemic and a lot of unknowns for them to deal with and yet they have relentlessly and tirelessly stayed on the frontlines making sure the public, our patients, our families and their families were safe,” said Jan Gannon, Chief Nursing Officer.

As healthcare workers drive to or from their shift, the holiday lights will express support.

HCA is calling upon every citizen, business, and community to keep their holiday lights up through January 31 to recognize those working in healthcare.

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