Spanish translation of the official White House website returns

The website was not maintained during the Trump administration

ROANOKE, Va. – The official White House website in the Spanish-language is now back after years of hiatus.

La Casa Blanca returned on President Joe Biden’s first day in office after the site was not maintained during the Trump administration.

It’s an effort to keep the Spanish-speaking population informed on critical policy change.

The founder of Roanoke Spanish, a translation firm, said the website helps Spanish speakers learn about their own government and the people now sitting in those offices.

“I think that’s important pedagogically that we learn not only about how to access the information.” Dr. Elda Stanco Downey said. “But really learn how our government works, what are the offices, what they do, how they work together and who are these people that have been elected to those offices.

After reviewing the site, Stanco Downey gave the translation two thumbs up.

“I went through pages and I did not find one single mistake so kudos to the White House because it is a fantastic translation job,” she said.

According to the Census Bureau, more than 41 million U.S residents, age five and older, speak Spanish at home.

Stanco Downey said the Spanish-speaking community will continue to grow and if agencies take the time now to translate they are investing in their future.

She said 1 in 5 American workers are Hispanic and with most being 35 years old or older they are going to be the individuals running businesses, healthcare and government.

“It’s incredibly key for agencies to access this population through language,” she said.

She advises people to not just rely on automated translation databases, rather have someone who understands that language to review the translation to assure accuracy.

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