Nearly 75% of Blacksburg high students surveyed said they do not want 100% in-person learning

Two seniors created the survey

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Feeling left out of the school return conversation, two Blacksburg High School seniors collected their own data through an online survey.

Looking for input, Lauren Collver and Molly McPherson asked students how they felt about leaving the hybrid learning model.

After receiving nearly 270 responses in a few days, almost 75% said they do not want to switch to fully in-person learning.

About 1,200 students attend the high school.

Based on the written responses, Collver said most students are worried about switching so late in the year when the school year is almost over.

“That seems to be the general consensus,” McPherson said. “That what we have right now is working and any changes would just add uncertainty and stress.”

Collver said they will present their findings at the next school board meeting on Feb. 16.

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