Lynchburg leaders want public feedback on proposed real estate tax increase

City leaders say majority of Hill City saw rise in real estate assessment

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Real estate tax prices could go up, but before that happens, the city council wants you to weigh in.

Leaders say the majority of people in the Hill City saw a rise in real estate assessment.

While the current rate is $1.11, the city council would need to lower it to $1.03, otherwise, taxes could go up.

Councilman Chris Faraldi, who represents Lynchburg’s Ward IV, hopes people come out to the meeting later this month to oppose that idea.

“Do we really want to be taking more tax dollars from the community? Unemployment numbers are up, businesses are struggling, families are hurting. So, government responds by taking more tax dollars? That doesn’t make sense,” said Faraldi.

That meeting is on Tuesday, March 30th at 7 p.m. at Lynchburg City Hall.

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