Hike in gas prices is not stopping travelers from taking trips

AAA says 60% of people surveyed plan to travel in the next three months.

Gas prices are on the rise and according to AAA's website the average price in Roanoke is $2.65/gallon.

ROANOKE, Va. – Drivers are feeling the pressure at the pump as gas prices are on the rise, but not when it comes to travel.

With refinery output at a record low and crude oil prices rising, Roanoke gas prices are 50 cents higher compared to last year.

Though prices will continue to rise in the spring, 60% of the people AAA surveyed say they plan to travel in the next three months for leisure.

A recent survey from Destination Analyst says 14% of people surveyed are going to travel for spring break.

Road trips still being the primary method.

“After last year where people saw their vehicles as an extension of their home where they can control the cleanliness and feel safe in that vehicle,” AAA MidAtlantic spokesperson Morgan Dean said.

If you are traveling this spring break, you’re best bet is to head south as gas prices tend to be cheaper in that direction.

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