Roanoke Valley’s newest 5K features community cleanup for Earth Day

Good Neighbors 5K is virtual April 10 to April 23

The Roanoke Valley’s newest 5K requires you to roll up your sleeves, throw some gloves on and grab a garbage bag. The goal is to get families, friends and coworkers together to pick up trash in honor of Earth Day on April 22.

When you register, you receive a reusable Clean Valley Council bag that includes trash bags, gloves, hand sanitizer and souvenirs.

You decide whether to run, walk or hike your miles before, during or after you pick up litter. Where you do your clean-up is also up to you; it can be in a parking lot, on the shoulder of a road or a park.

Prizes will go to the person and teams that fill the most trash bags.

Ally Bowersock, co-owner of RunAbout Sports Roanoke, came up with the idea last spring. She hopes this will inspire others to be good neighbors throughout the year and do clean-ups on their own.

“Last year with the lockdown we were just out walking we couldn’t go anywhere and so as we were walking we said well let’s clean up our neighborhood, so we did that and now it’s a part of our family routine,” said Bowersock.

RunAbout Sports Roanoke is partnering with Clean Valley Council to make the Good Neighbors 5K happen.

Timing is very fitting not just because of Earth Day, but Clean Valley Council executive director Courtney Carter Plaster said there has been an increased interest in their clean-ups.

“It really does seem like individuals are looking for a way to connect and improve things. We all have our good human heart that wants to do good in the world and doing clean-ups with the Good Neighbors 5k is an excellent way for people to make that impact,” said Plaster.

The 5K begins Saturday, April 10 and goes until the day after Earth Day, April 23. You can register up to the last day here.

If you’re not sure where to pick up trash, contact the Clean Valley Council for a list of places that has more litter.

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