Carilion seeing increased demand for COVID-19 vaccines for children

Carilion: COVID-19 vaccine highly effective for children in preventing serious illness

ROANOKE, Va. – Health officials in the Roanoke Valley say they are seeing an increase in demand for COVID-19 vaccines for kids.

Right now, Pfizer is the only certified vaccine for 12 to 15 years old’s.

The Chief of General Pediatrics at Carilion Clinic says as the summer continues, they are seeing more parents asking questions and signing their kids up to get the shot.

“I think the overwhelming data is showing great efficacy, the early studies they did looking at 12-16 years showed 100% efficacy in preventing disease or hospitalization,” Carilion Chief of General Pediatrics Dr. Christopher Pierce,

Pfizer is considering requesting emergency approval for children younger than 12.

They could apply for that by September.

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