‘Flu itself is deadly’: Doctors warn of the dangers this flu season amid COVID-19 surge

The concern is that patients could be infected with the flu and COVID-19 at the same time

Doctors are encouraging Virginians to get their flu shots more than ever this year.

There are concerns this year’s flu season could be worse because of the nearly non-existent flu season last year.

Sova Health says they’ve already seen a handful of cases. While it’s not too early to get a flu shot, experts recommend waiting one more month. This will lengthen your immunity through the entire season.

The concern is that patients could be infected with the flu and COVID at the same time.

“This is pretty early. This is before the actual flu season has started. That’s really concerning where we talk about where we are right now with COVID,” Sova Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sheranda Gunn-Nolan says. “I want to be clear that a person having flu and COVID at the same time can happen. Flu itself is deadly.”

Doctors say it is perfectly safe to get the flu shot at the same time as a COVID vaccine. However, they suggest those with health concerns give the body a one-two week break between shots.

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