‘I was just really shocked’: 911 call reveals moments after Salem teen gets six COVID vaccine doses

This happened at the CVS Pharmacy on Chestnut Street in Salem

SALEM, Va. – There are more details coming to light after a Salem teenager claims she got six doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine last week.

We first told you about Ellaica Desdura’s story last week, when she told 10 News she wanted to get vaccinated so she could visit the Philippines next year.

Desdura says employees at the CVS Pharmacy on Chestnut Street in Salem called paramedics for help after they gave her an entire vial of the Pfizer vaccine, which contains six doses in each vial.

10 News has obtained the 911 call and its transcription is below:

Caller: CVS at 11 Chestnut Street

Dispatcher: What’s going on?

Caller: Um, a patient received six times the dose of Pfizer, and under our protocol, we’re supposed to get EMS here.

Dispatcher: Okay, a person did what?

Caller: Received six times the dose of a Pfizer vaccine that they weren’t supposed to.

Dispatcher: Like just now?

Caller: Yes

Dispatcher: Are they conscious and breathing normal?

Caller: Yes

Dispatcher: Are they having any reaction?

Caller: So far no, it’s only been about three minutes or so.

Dispatcher: What’s the age, sex of the person?

Caller: Female born in 2004. Yeah, she’s 17.

Dispatcher: And what vaccine is it?

Caller: Pfizer

Dispatcher: No, not the brand. What is it for?

Caller: COVID

Dispatcher: Okay

10 News reached out to CVS but we were told they cannot comment on the case without permission from her guardians.

“I was so nervous. I was freaked out. I was scared to death when I saw the paramedics in front of us,” the teen’s mother, Merlisa Blevins said.

“I didn’t feel anything at the time. I was just really shocked because there was an ambulance,” said Desdura.

We are still working to confirm whether the employee who gave Desdura her vaccine is still employed with the company, but the family hopes all providers take their jobs very seriously.

“What if she gave it to older people or younger people with weak resistance, she got to be careful,” Blevins said.

We also reached out to Pfizer, to see if they can comment on what happened or if there is a certain procedure to take when it does.

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