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Supervisor censured by Pittsylvania County Board for ‘racist,’ ‘discrimintatory’ texts

The texts were made about another board member, Dr. Charles Miller Jr.

Accusations of racism and discrimination prompted a local board of supervisors to take action against one of their own.

PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors censured one of its members Tuesday night following texts he sent about another board member.

William “Vic” Ingram, the Tunstall District Board Member, sent text messages about a fellow supervisor that was “perceived to be racist to people of color” as well as “discriminatory to persons with medical issues,” according to Robert Warren, the chairman of the board.

In a 5-2 vote, Ingram was censured by his colleagues after the texts from him were found, ridiculing the appearance of fellow supervisor, Dr. Charles Miller Jr., who is Black.

“I do not know what was in Supervisor Ingram’s heart or in his mind as he ridiculed me for medical conditions beyond my control,” Miller said.

According to Miller, Ingram’s texts compare Miller to Ray Charles when he wore dark shades because of a medical procedure.

Pittsylvania County shared screenshots of the texts messages where it shows Ingram did compare Miller to Ray Charles.

Warren says the text messages were sent during a board of supervisors meeting, noting that the comments “are construed as racist to people of color and discriminatory to those experiencing medical difficulties.”

“On behalf of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors, I extend my deepest apologies to our colleague Dr. Charles H. Miller, Jr.,” Warren wrote in the statement. “We condemn and repudiate any form of racism and discrimination on our Board and within the County organization.”

Despite what his colleagues are saying, Ingram calls the censure against him a political hit job.

“There are a lot of lies incorporated with that. And I’m more than ready to defend myself. Like I said, it’s politics, nasty politics, and these guys are masters at it,” Ingram says.

Ingram still has two more years on his term while Miller is running for reelection this fall.

A resolution issued about the incident says Ingram not only sent the text messages but also conducted unauthorized negotiations with county economic development prospects and breached confidentiality among other things.

Below is the full text of the resolution sent by Pittsylvania County:

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