Traffic plans to reduce Campbell Ave lanes is stirring up concern in the Hill City

The goal in reducing lanes is to help calm down traffic and make space for new bike lanes

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Talk of traffic plans in Lynchburg is stirring up anxiety for some neighbors and business owners.

The plan would reduce Campbell Avenue from two lanes in each direction down to one. The goal in reducing lanes would be to help calm down all the traffic and make extra space for new bike lanes.

The idea is in the early stages, but it’s one that’s catching a lot of flak.

“It’s enormous,” Doug Beverley said. “This is 501. It’s really busy.”

For 15 years, Beverley has worked in a construction warehouse along Campbell Avenue. He said despite all the city’s ideas and changes over the years, dealing with traffic hasn’t gotten any easier.

He doesn’t know if it ever will.

“The traffic, as you can see, is continuous. This is just average,” he added. “At 5 o’clock in the evening, you can hardly pull out to go across it.”

It’s why talk of reducing lanes to make room for bikers has him and others concerned. The city said it was an idea that came out of a recent study, following some work on Odd Fellows Road.

“The traffic is heavy. It really is,” Sally Dixon said. “I don’t live over here, but I come over here to see my friends and relatives.”

Even though Dixon is one of the people who mostly travel the area on foot, she’s with Beverley on hitting the brakes.

“We don’t see many bikers along here or riding of that type. It’s not that kind of residential area in my opinion,” Beverley said. “You do have a lot of sidewalks.”

The city said it has just had discussions about this. Still, people are sharing their warning before it gets any further down the road.

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