Governor-Elect Youngkin hosts rally in Salem

He is also hosting an event in Lynchburg Friday night

SALEM, Va. – Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin was back in Southwest Virginia and doubling down on promises made on the campaign trail.

“I look forward to going to work for Southwest Virginia. I think Southwest Virginia sometimes gets forgotten about, and I have made promises that I will not forget about Southwest Virginia, and I keep my promises,” Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin said.

Youngkin held a ‘Thank You’ rally at CommUNITY church in Salem Friday afternoon. 10 News had the chance to speak with Youngkin directly about his transition process with the Northam administration.

“It’s been great and I have to say that Governor Northam has been very, very, very, very accommodating and respectful and just so deeply appreciate that,” Youngkin said.

During his speech Friday, Youngkin outlined several plans to change the state’s vaccine rollout, which he feels went poorly.

“One thing I think we could do so much better is make the vaccine available and how Virginians make the decision around the vaccine. I’ve gotten the vaccine, my family has gotten the vaccine, and I’m a big advocate for the vaccine,” Youngkin said.

The biggest change will be for state employees and children in schools, the governor-elect said he will go back on several decisions made by the Northam administration once in office.

“Parents know what’s best for their children when it comes to vaccines and masks and so, therefore, the two big or two big statewide mandates that are out there, which is what the government employees, I will rescind and I will have appointed a new health leader that will rescind that kids are going to have to wear a mask to school every day,” Youngkin said.

He is also hosting an event in Lynchburg Friday night.

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