Abandoned dog tied to pole in a Roanoke park receives treatment at Angels of Assisi

Luna is in serious condition and getting around the clock treatment

ROANOKE, Va. – Angels of Assisi’s newest patient, Luna, a sweet four-legged mix abandoned at a park in Roanoke, and now in serious condition.

“She’s still, you know, critical and needs all the good vibes and support she can get,” Director of Community Engagement Dayna Reynolds said.

Luna was taken to Angels of Assisi on Monday and has been under constant care since.

“We did all our diagnostic testing, and we found that she has Lyme disease that has started to affect her kidneys, which is more rare but possible effects of Lyme disease so she’s also anemic and kind of just have a lot of stuff going on,” Reynolds said.

Staff members say her case is one of several in an uptick of animal neglect cases over the last month.

“It never hurts to reach out. Don’t feel like you don’t have the resources. We have our pet food pantry that’s available,” Reynolds said.

As Luna undergoes several treatments, Angels of Assisi is encouraging donations to its biscuit fund, which helps them advocate in animal cruelty cases like Luna’s.

“So if any of these cases go to court, and enables us to help protect other animals from facing the same cruelty and neglect in the future,” Reynolds said. Once she is healthy, Luna will be ready to find her forever family who will help her have a better life.

“We’re gonna do everything we can to help her because she’s just a sweetheart,” Reynolds said.

Luna will be treated at Angels of Assisi until she’s ready for adoption.

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