Support local healthcare workers by keeping holiday lights up through January

The campaign ‘Keep Your Lights Up for Healthcare Heroes’ is hosted by LewisGale and HCA Virginia

PULASKI, Va. – It’s the time of year when many neighborhoods are filled with bright, holiday lights. This year, LewisGale Health Systems is asking people to keep their holiday lights up longer than usual.

It’s part of the health system’s parent company’s HCA VA statewide campaign, Keep Your Lights Up for Healthcare Heroes.

“All four LewisGale Regional Health System hospitals are asking our communities to keep their lights up for our healthcare heroes this holiday season. We are doing that because it’s been an incredibly tough year,” said LewisGale Hospital Pulaski CEO, Sean Pressman.

To honor those who continue to be on the frontlines of the pandemic, you can keep your lights up through Jan. 31, which is what Pulaski Mayor, Shannon Collins plans to do.

“Christmas is a very important time of the year anyway and we love decorations,” said Collins. “It brings back that you’re a little kid again. You see all the lights and it’s just there is something special Christmas. It makes everybody happy,” he said.

The hope is for people to show support for healthcare workers.

“Despite all of these challenges, our staff have continued to show up. They’ve shown up for the community, shown up for their patients. And really they’ve shown up for one another. And this is a way that we as a community can show up for them,” said Pressman.

“I just hope they know they’re appreciated. We care for them. They care for us, but we care for them,” said Collins.

Show your support for healthcare workers by keeping your lights up through Jan. 31. Post a photo to social media using the hashtag #LightsUp4Heroes.

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