‘It’s really hard not knowing who’: Virginia Tech senior gives her account of Friday night’s deadly shooting

Emma Lopus lives only blocks away from where the shooting happened

BLACKSBURG, Va. – 10 News talked with a Virginia Tech student early Saturday morning, getting her account of what it was like to be in Blacksburg as authorities responded to a deadly shooting in downtown.

While Emma Lopus decided to stay in on Friday night, the Virginia Tech senior lives a few blocks away from Melody Hookah Bar, where police say the shooting happened.

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She received text messages from friends about the shooting and when she went to lock her door, she told 10 News that she saw at least seven police officers in her backyard, scouring the area with flashlights.

“It’s weird to hear about happening so close to your house. I work right down the street, like, I live here. So it’s hard,” explained Lopus.

At the time of this interview, no information was released about how many people were injured and the severity of those injuries.

“It’s really hard not knowing who. I’m really scared to find out tomorrow. I just know tomorrow’s gonna be hard,” said Lopus.

We now know one person has died and four people, including one Virginia Tech student, are in the hospital.

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