‘Putin bears the blame for this unprovoked invasion’: Virginia officials weigh in on Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The reactions come after Biden announced new sanctions on Russia

The reactions come after Biden announced new sanctions on Russia

Elected officials from across Virginia are weighing in on Russian the attack on Ukraine.

Senator Mark Warner, who is on the Senate Intelligence Committee says, he supports President Joe Biden’s actions, announced Thursday, introducing new sanctions on Russia.

In a tweet he says:

[WATCH: Pres. Biden announces sanctions against Russia after its attack on Ukraine]

Senator Tim Kaine says Ukraine has the full support of America.

Congressman Morgan Griffith agrees with the sanctions on Russia but thinks Biden could do more, especially when it comes to energy.

“He needs to make sure we are working to open up the American energy sector. Take back some of those regulations you put in Mr. Biden so that we can supply Europe with the energy it needs,” Griffith said.

Congressman Ben Cline agrees more could have been done before the attack said, “stopping the Nord Stream Pipeline completion. Actions now need to be designed to convince Putin that it is a misguided effort and he needs to reverse course. That’s going to be harder to accomplish.”

Cline and Griffith agree the president needs to encourage our European partners to do more.