Bedford community comes together to pray for Ukraine amid invasion

The call for prayer is leading many to action

BEDFORD, Va. – A local community on Thursday came together to show support for people in Ukraine.

It was during a ministerial meeting that church leaders were making plans for Good Friday; however, it was impossible for them to ignore the horrific events happening on the other side of the world.

“One of our preachers said, ‘You know, we better start praying for Ukraine,’” Bedford Presbyterian Pastor John Salley explained. “Someone said, ‘Well, let’s schedule one for a week from now.’ Then someone else said, ‘We might not have a week from now.’”

Salley asked people to gather at the town clock on Main St. in Bedford. He added he didn’t know who would show up or why they would.

“I think they have a sense of dread,” said Bedford County Sheriff’s Lead Chaplain, Michael Smith. “The thing we did today reminds them that the Lord is in control and we’re praying for their needs.”

Dozens of pastors from different churches and their members joined together in prayer.

“I believe prayer is effective. I believe God hears our prayers,” Salley said. “I especially believe prayer prepares you for action.”

He said prayer is the highest form of aid a person can give, but that there is more to do.

“I don’t think we should stop with prayer,” Cool Spring Presbyterian Reverend Geoff Hubbard said. “I think the people over there have very definite needs.”

After finishing the Lord’s prayer, the group handed out lists of ways to donate to Ukraine. They said the call for prayer is already leading many to action in Bedford.

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