Bedford Feral Cat Shuttle helps treat 50 cats to keep overpopulation at bay

The goal is to control the growing population of feral cats in Bedford County.

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – A rise of free-roaming cats in Bedford County leads to a new initiative on wheels where dozens of cats are spayed and neutered in one day.

Fifty feral cats were trapped this weekend and hauled over to Roanoke through the Bedford Feral Cat Shuttle.

On Monday, two veterinarians and a team of helpers at Angels of Assisi performed spay and neuter surgeries to help limit overpopulation and keep Bedford neighborhoods safe.

“So let’s say you only have two cats in your community that are roaming around,” Angels of Assisi Community Engagement Director Dayna Reynolds. “But in a year you can have 20, 30. So they grow exponentially.”

Each surgery costs about $45 but Bedford Cares is paying for the bill.

The feral cats were returned to Bedford at 5 p.m. Monday night and will be released back to their original locations.

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