Family loses home in tornado in Carroll County

EF-2 tornado damaged houses

CARROLL COUNTY, Va. – A tornado tore the roof off a home on Gladesboro Road in Carroll County Wednesday night.

The family was home at the time and the two owners and their little girl were upstairs when the tornado came through. The father acted quickly, laying on top of his wife and daughter while the top of their home was ripped off.

His neighbor, Carl Sowers, saw the aftermath.

[EF-2 tornado briefly hit eastern Carroll County Wednesday night]

“We went over there to get his wife and daughter, we got them out of the house and brought them here to my house,” Sowers said.

The father told 10 News that his daughter’s bunk bed was what protected them as the strong winds tore through. He told Sowers about his experience.

”It just about sucked those three out of the house. Dustin said he was holding onto everything he could but he thought he was going to go,” Sowers explained.

Luckily, they all made it out safely. Sowers’ home wasn’t as impacted but it was hit as well.

With the entire backyard is full of downed trees, he says he’s left with the aftermath of a damaged roof and even had a brief overnight scare when his horse Aspen went missing.

“No idea where she went to, couldn’t find her last night, and about 4:30, 5 o’clock this morning, she shows up.”

Across the street, the owner said that they have six dogs. All were accounted for and safe.

The family has a place to stay and were joined by friends and family, digging through the rubble and picking up the pieces.

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