President of Salem apartment complex management group responds to complaints

Residents at The View at 777 are frustrated with living conditions

SALEM, Va. – This week 10 News has been investigating reports residents at The View at 777 sent to us about issues ranging from dead rodents in units to a collapsed ceiling. The news came as a shock to upper management.

“Very surprising to me. I decided to come here today to talk to you and clear up some of the matters that were actually run on the story,” said Dianne Wiley. the President of Greenbrier Management, the parent company of The View.

The first matter was the dead bat that was found in one of the units. After checking out the vent, the resident found what could be bat feces as well.

“Because of this, this one bat that has been found, we have contracted with Service Experts to start Tuesday to go into every apartment to make sure there are no bats and there won’t be a problem with a bat again,” she added.

Residents confirmed to 10 News that they were given a notice that Service Experts were coming to inspect their units next week.

Another issue was a ceiling that one resident says collapsed in her bathroom last week, which wasn’t fixed until Thursday.

“If there is something wet, which this was an AC condensation line that was leaking, we do have to let it dry out, and there was a contractor there, and the ceiling was fixed,” said Wiley.

Lastly, the lack of communication between the residents and the local office. Those at The View say that getting in touch with someone is difficult.

“I have actually put in a trouble call with them to find out if really anyone has called that we haven’t answered because they would normally call me if it had not been answered and I haven’t received any calls,” Wiley said.

Dustin Wade, the Regional Maintenance Director, was the only one who the residents said came to help, he still says the company as a whole is striving to do better.

“There’s always a chance to do better, and we’re not just going to stop. we’re going to strive to do the best,” said Wade.

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