Beware of online baby formula scams amid shortage

Experts say to be careful of random Facebook posts, ads or groups you are a part of

ROANOKE, Va. – If you are searching for baby formula online, beware of the scams lurking on the web.

The Better Business Bureau is warning parents to carefully read reviews and language on sites before purchasing any formula.

Eats on Feets Virginia is a legitimate breastmilk donation share.

Better Business Bureau Serving Western VA President and CEO Julie Wheeler checked when the site was registered and reviewed detailed disclosures to assure there were no red flags.

She said to beware of random Facebook posts, ads or groups you are a part of.

“A lot of times if you click on the profile of the person who is posting it will be a brand new profile,” she said. “Maybe the pictures don’t match, the timeframe doesn’t match. It’s the first time they’ve ever posted. That’s a really good way to determine hey this may not be legitimate.”

Wheeler said your best bet is to search locally for formula rather than taking a risk online.

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