More action being taken in response to Danville rabid fox incident

Local officials will be gathering feral cats and advising local pet owners to keep domesticated cats contained during the trapping period

Rabies Alert

DANVILLE, Va. – Pittsylvania County-Danville officials are taking more action in response to the rabid fox incident that happened in Danville.

On Sunday, 10 News reported that Pittsylvania-Danville Health District said at least two individuals were bitten by a fox that tested positive for rabies on July 21.

And on Wednesday afternoon, area officials advised the public near the Walmart on Mount Cross Road to keep their cats contained within their property as they try to gather feral cats that they say could have had contact with the rabid fox.

The release said that the move to gather the feral cats is a public health precaution and that local animal control officers are working with the Danville Police Department to place traps where feral cats have been spotted over the next three weeks.

Because of the trapping period, officials said that domesticated cats in the area that are not contained may find the traps, which will result in them being transported to an animal shelter.

If a cat goes missing, the release said that owners are encouraged to call the Danville Aerea Humane Society at (434)799-5306.

The Pittsylvania-Danville Health District said they encourage pet owners to get their pets vaccinated, not only to protect them, but to also protect family members, loved ones, and the community from rabies, and Virginia law requires domestic animals to be vaccinated against rabies, according to the release.

To learn more about the disease, visit the Virginia Department of Health website.

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