Three Roanoke gang members sentenced to upwards of 40 years in federal prison

‘We must send a message that gang violence and gun violence on our streets is not acceptable,’ said US Attorney Christopher Kavanaugh

Investigators say the Rollin' 30 gang members will spend up to four decades in federal prison

ROANOKE, Va. – Three gang members from Roanoke will spend up to four decades behind bars.

They were a part of what is known as the Rollin’ 30s gang, which has ties to the Los Angeles Crips.

Investigators said these three gang members are responsible for two different murders in the city of Roanoke over the past five years.

Investigators said that Trayvone Kasey, Demonte Mack, and gang leader, Sean Guerrant were all sentenced to upwards of 40 years in federal prison.

“We must send a message that gang violence and gun violence on our streets is not acceptable in a civilized society, period. And we think that’s exactly what these substantial federal sentences does,” said US Attorney Christopher Kavanaugh.

The three men are responsible for the murders of 17-year-old, Nickalas Lee in 2017 and Markel Girty in 2018.

Lee’s father, Daryl Lee, spoke during a press conference on Tuesday about what he thinks needs to be done to combat gang violence in Roanoke.

“We can put all the money we want to, but until we get to the core problem of teaching kids what is right and wrong at home, this will continue to be a core problem,” said Lee.

Investigators said they believe there are no longer any Rollin’ 30s gang members in Roanoke.

But when asked about other gangs in the area, US Attorney General Kavanaugh said this:

“It wouldn’t be appropriate to comment on the ongoing investigations that we currently have. But I can assure you that for every single time that there is a gun fired in Roanoke and there is an allegation of gang activity, we at the US attorney’s office we are asking is there a federal nexus. Is there some way that we can make this a federal crime,” said Kavanaugh.

A fourth member of the Rollin’ 30s gang who previously pled guilty to related charges is expected to be sentenced later this year.

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