Sober October has many people losing the booze

It’s a nationwide movement with a chance for people to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol

ROANOKE, Va. – It may be spooky season, but some people are looking to lose the booze for Sober October.

Sober October is a movement sweeping the country. It’s an opportunity for people to reevaluate their relationship with alcohol.

At Sidecar in Downtown Roanoke, they welcome those who choose to ditch the drinks.

“People come in, even at the bar, they’ll sit and have dinner and try to get nonalcoholics because of Sober October. We have lots of people on staff who are actually doing that right now as well, so it’s becoming very very prevalent downtown,” said Sidecar Assistant Manager, Zac Shifflett.

Along with traditional European foods, their menu also features a non-alcoholic drink section. They have options like “Salt Bae,” “Mixed Berry Burro,” and a fan favorite, their signature, “Sidecar Zero.”

“We had plenty of people that came and asked to begin with when we first opened wanting options, non-alcoholic wines, cocktails, anything of that sort, just to be inclusive with their friends and family and not feel like they’re really being left out,” added Shifflett.

Experts said a month of sobriety can improve both your physical and mental health.

“A lack of hangovers, a lack of fogginess, really opens things up for people and maybe even encourage them to explore different outlets which may improve their mental health like going to the gym or going to board game night,” said Jay Varela, Resident in Counseling at Thriveworks in Roanoke.

In a month full of ghosts and goblins, Sober October is a way to enjoy the month, sans spirits.

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