Governor Youngkin visits Roanoke County to show support for Republican candidates

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – We are now less than two weeks away from Election Day.

Candidates in Virginia are hitting the campaign trail with supporters like Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

On Wednesday, Youngkin made an appearance at an early voting rally in Roanoke County, hosted by Spirit of Virginia.

Youngkin was there along with Congressman Morgan Griffith and Congressman Ben Cline, who are both running for re-election.

In District Six, Cline is up against Jennifer Lewis, and in District Nine, Griffith is facing Taysha DeVaughn.

“There’s no greater civic responsibility than to get out and vote. So we are encouraging everyone to go early vote and go get 10 friends and get out and vote,” said Youngkin.

Youngkin told 10 News he is hoping to continue the momentum of what he calls “the red wave,” in Congress, as well as state and local government.

Congressional candidates joined Youngkin to speak about the issues in the Commonwealth and beyond, like the rising number of drug overdoses, inflation, and historic drops in math and reading scores.

“I think Republican candidates have a shared value set about making sure that we are delivering for kids, backing the blue, and being fiscally responsible,” said Gov. Youngkin.

Early in-person voting ends on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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