Owners of Fleet Feet Roanoke plan to retire after 20 years

They are selling the business to the current general manager

ROANOKE, Va. – “I’m so fortunate I get to stand on the shoulders of giants,” Fleet Feet general manager and future owner Matt Thompson said.

For 20 years, Fleet Feet has supported the running community in Roanoke, but now, owners Robin and Blaine Lewis are passing the baton.

“We weren’t planning on retiring right now, we thought it’d be several years away,” Robin said.

They are selling the business to General Manager Matt Thompson.

Thompson had been a frequent customer, but when his wife passed away, Fleet Feet jumped in with support.

“It gave them time to understand who I am, and I got to understand more about who they were,” Thompson said.

“We talked about us working together with him to get our business ready to sell in a few years and it just evolved into our communication and our relationship that he figured out that this is his new why,” Robin said.

Robin and Blaine have added to the running community with their weekly pub runs, along with safety training courses.

“And being a part of that contributes in a way to our legacy,” Blaine said.

They have watched Roanoke grow.

“Being a part of this community and seeing how Roanoke has evolved into this outdoor, active lifestyle community and seeing so many more people walking and running and being healthier,” Blaine said.

The Lewis’ have raised more than $200,000 with their non-profit over the last two years alone. They plan to continue to do what they can.

“Continue to give back to the community. That’s been a huge part of us and our business for over 20 years,” Robin said.

Thompson hopes to build on what Fleet Feet already has accomplished.

“I’m really excited to just see what I can put my fingerprint on this business,” Thompson said.

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