Cadarah, Jaden, Jakei, Kaiden: 30 Days of Hope

These four siblings want to stay together when they’re adopted

There are more than 700 children who are ready for adoption in Virginia. They are ready to find a permanent and loving forever family. 10 News is profiling one child who needs a home every day during the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. in 30 Days of Hope. The children are all ages and races and were put into foster care due to no fault of their own. 2022 marks the sixth year 10 News is doing this series.

Many times, brothers and sisters are split up in foster care, but these four siblings want to stay together when they’re adopted.

Meet Cadarah, Jaden, Jakei and Kaiden! These siblings are full of smiles and love. Each with their own personality and a tight bond.

Seven-year-old Kaiden said he wants to be a football player when he grows up. Eight-year-old Jakei said he wants to be an athlete and “play all the sports.” Twelve-year-old Jaden wants to be a creator for youtube. Thirteen-year-old Cadarah wants to be a firefighter.

“When one of them is down or something, I make sure they’re okay,” said Jaden.

What does family mean to them?

Cadarah: People that love you no matter what and don’t judge you.

Jaden: That I’m loved, I’m fed, the people that really cares about me.

Jakei: Family means love.

Kaiden: I love my family.

What if they won a million dollars?

Kaiden: If I won a million dollars, I would buy something for Jaden, Jakei and Cadarah

Jakei: If I had a million dollars, I would buy a home, stuff I need and some food

Jaden: I would buy all my family members one thing they always wanted.

Cadarah: Use it to start my own business or company.

Cadarah and her younger siblings are fun to be around and have a very tight sibling bond that will likely never go away.

Meet Cadarah

Cadarah is a spunky and loves her brothers. She is a caretaker for her siblings and always has been. She enjoys going to Starbucks for Frappucinos and one-on-one attention. Cadarah is very good in school. She is energetic and enjoys extracurricular activities such as dance. Cadarah enjoys her alone time and time with her brothers. She is very mature for her age. Cadarah benefits from having strong female role models in her life. Her family is very important to her. She needs to be placed with her three younger brothers in a supportive home that nurtures Cadarah while also allowing her to tend to her brothers’ needs occasionally, as this is what she knows well.

Meet Jaden

Jaden is an active young boy. Jaden enjoys playing video games with his brothers. Jaden is very tech-savvy and is able to quickly find what he is looking for on the Internet or electronic device. Jaden does well in school and is very resilient. He does not give up easily and will try again if at first, he does not succeed. He loves to be active and can be very silly at times. Jaden is sweet and very smart. He has a good memory. Jaden has a very “go-with-the-flow” personality and is agreeable to most activities. Jaden is friendly with his peers. Jaden is very family oriented. He has shown more interest in sports, joining some teams (football and basketball).

Meet Jakei

Jakei is a sweet and kind young boy. Jakei is well-mannered and very eloquent for his young age. Jakei will tell you what he needs when he is feeling the need to express himself and uses words well to describe how he is feeling. Jakei excels in school and is well-loved by his teachers and school staff. Jakei loves Spiderman, adventures outside, playing with his brothers and knows a lot about different kinds of toys. Jakei loves to play soccer, something he started doing early. He likes playing with his brothers but also likes to have some alone time to play on his tablet or read.

Meet Kaiden

Kaiden is a busy and excited little boy. He loves going to school with his big brothers and getting to ride the school bus. Kaiden loves to talk to people, and he especially loves to dance. He can always be found dancing around the house. He enjoys playing with his big brothers, and Kaiden especially loves his big sister. Kaiden likes to play basketball and jump on the trampoline. Kaiden loves Paw Patrol, and Marshall is his favorite character. Kaiden can brighten any room with his smile and silly personality. Kaiden is a very adventurous eater. One of his favorite pastimes is spending time with his brothers playing video games. Family means a lot to Kaiden. Kaiden is very charming and loving and is sure to leave a smile on the face of anyone who meets him.

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