Roanoke City Police Chief speaks out about arrest made in 2019 murder

ROANOKE, Va. – A 2019 murder in the Star City is now one step closer to being solved.

After a three-year-long investigation, police have charged Kai Lansana with first-degree murder in the death of Solanya Evans.

Police say Evans was shot and killed outside her home in Southeast Roanoke.

Formal charges were announced last week, and again during Roanoke City Police Chief Sam Roman’s gun violence briefing to city council.

“The detectives in this instance definitely, continuously worked to bring justice to the victim. And make sure that those who are responsible for this death are held responsible. And they never lose sight of that,” said Chief Roman.

These charges are one of three indictments this month from Roanoke City Police Federal Task Force.

Vice-Mayor Trish White-Boyd said she is pleased to see arrests being made and charges being filed.

“[The] indictments is good news for those families who have lost a loved one and could possibly see justice at the end of that trial so I would say personally, that is good news and thank you for all the good work that you and your team are doing,” said Vice-Mayor Trish White-Boyd.

Lansana is from Arlington, Virginia and was taken into custody in Kentucky by US Marshals.

Chief Roman shared how important partnerships are with federal and other local law enforcement agencies are to make these kinds of arrests happen.

“That collaboration and partnership go a long way in making sure that the suspect is brought to justice and the victim and the victim’s families receive the justice that they deserve,” said Chief Roman.

According to court records, Lansana has a hearing scheduled for Jan. 3, 2023.

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