Downtown Roanoke prepares for New Year’s Eve celebrations

Market Square will be filled with live music, games, cocktails, and plenty of food

ROANOKE, Va. – There are plenty of ways you can kick off 2023 in Downtown Roanoke.

People from all over the Roanoke Valley will join together for the Big Lick Downtown Countdown. Market Square will be filled with live music, games, cocktails, and plenty of food.

“We have three different venues. It is family-friendly. It is the most positive engaging New Year’s Eve event you could possibly imagine,” JD Sutphin, Owner of Big Lick Entertainment said.

Throughout the night, the Roanoke Star is projected on the side of a building. At midnight you will be able to see it rise to celebrate 2023.

“It is definitely one of those things where you see every type of person in the community all coming together because there is nothing like that 11:59 switch over to midnight,” said Sutphin.

If you are someone who prefers to celebrate the New Year inside at your favorite bar, Martin’s Downtown is also ready.

“We expect a full house of people out having a good time. The Jared Stout Band which is one of the best local bands there is, is playing,” Jason Martin, the Director of Operations said.

Martin’s is preparing special food and drink items to help everyone ring in the New Year.

“We are running a surf and turf special which is exciting. That is some really great beef tenderloin and crab cakes. We will do the champagne toast at midnight. We’ve got some party favors and hats. All that good stuff,” said Martin.

Because of the expectation for a large crowd, Martin’s is vamping up security and bringing in extra staff.

“We do pack the place pretty regularly, but not like this when we know it is coming. It is going to be sold out. It is going to be at capacity. We have a couple of extra security guys, we have a couple of extra bar backs, extra bar tenders, and servers,” Martin said.

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