Danville police react to graphic Tyre Nichols video

DANVILLE, Va. – Local police departments are responding after the killing of Tyre Nichols.

Danville Police Chief Scoot Booth watched the video that aired around the nation, just like the rest of us, showing Nichols being brutally beaten.

“What we saw in Memphis was a violation of basic humanity,” Booth said. “I think everything we’ve seen and read speaks to that.”

Booth said his department has been taking action and will continue to do so. In 2020, following George Floyd’s death, they took steps towards preventing excessive use of force.

It started with getting his officers out into the community where they take part in a four-week program.

“They get to hear from all of the different voices in the community about how they want to be policed,” Booth said. “About what they want from their police officers, from their police department.”

After that, they implemented a “Use of Force Sergeant” so they have someone on staff that reviews every incident where force is used. Booth said ultimately, education is key.

“It’s not just about discipline, but it’s also about mentoring,” Booth said. “It’s also about training, it’s also about catching issues before they rise to that level that discipline is needed, or before some tragic event that happens like we saw in Memphis.”

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