WSLS 10 scholarship deadline coming up

For the first time, we’re giving out $2,000 scholarships!

ROANOKE, Va. – College can get expensive but WSLS 10 wants to help. WSLS 10 wants to help pay for your college! For the first time, there are two WSLS 10 scholarships!

They are $2,000 each. If you are a high school senior -- who’s involved --- you qualify!

To qualify, you must live in our region, be a high school senior and be involved in school activities like scholastic bowl, theatre or sports.

“So basically, it’s almost every student. They’re doing well academically, that is part of the equation, but they are doing extracurricular activities, in addition to community service, volunteering, because that’s important to us to show that and then they can apply for our scholarship,” said Jaimie León, WSLS General Manager and Vice-President.

One of the reasons we wanted to offer the money is so families don’t have to pay as much. We have the application on

You have to have your application in by the end of March.

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