Hemp business owners in SWVA react to Youngkin’s bill amendment

The General Assembly will vote on the governor’s amendment on April 12

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Ben Turner may have his shelves stocked at Truharvest Farms now, but that could change.

“The original bill would have basically outlawed or banned about 80% of our products which are non-intoxicating products,” Turner said.

The bill Turner is talking about would regulate the amount of THC Virginia hemp retailers could have in their products – HB 2294, which was passed in this year’s legislative session.

Specifically, it would put a two-milligram THC cap on consumable products.

Because of these restrictions, Turner and other hemp business owners like Derek Wall with the Buffalo Hemp Company are worried about what will happen to the industry.

However, the pair is hopeful now that Governor Glenn Youngkin has added an amendment to the bill saying products need to have a CBD to THC ratio of 25 to one.

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“Please pass the amendment because if they go back to the original form … then the whole industry is basically wiped out,” Wall said.

Prior to the amendment, 10 News spoke with other business owners about the impact they’d face if no changes were presented. One business owner, Mike Hughes with Positive eFX CBD and Wellness, said he was even prepared to close down for good if the governor signed the bill as it was.

Turner and Wall said this amendment still gets rid of several products and that education may be something that would help in this situation.

“It seems that they do probably need some education to learn more about the hemp industry and how things work and how products are formulated,” Turner said.

Before the amended bill goes back to the General Assembly, the hemp industry is trying to inform others, including lawmakers, on the topic.

“They just don’t know what the benefits of cannabis as a whole are. We’re talking hemp and marijuana. There’s so many benefits … medicinal … it’s a way to curb the opioid crisis. There’s so many things that we can be using it for that … I think it’s just an education factor,” Wall said.

The General Assembly will return to session to vote on the governor’s amendment on April 12.

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